#1 Low volume pamphlet distribution Perth

If you’re looking for a fast, effective and inexpensive way to generate maximum buzz about your small business why not choose Fastway Flyers! In this age of digital marketing, it’s often easy to forget that traditional forms of advertising, such as newsletters or business flyers, are extremely effective.

What makes us Perth’s #1 low volume pamphlet distributor? Easy…. We understand the importance between flexibility and increased exposure. Our clients receive flexibility with each direct mail drop as each order is scheduled to commence A.S.A.P. This approach goes hand in hand with increased exposure, as your advertising material will not be bundled with any other competitor’s.

Our distribution method has been tailored to the requirements of our clientele, modified from constructive feedback from almost 4 years of trading, measured against our reputation via our high referral rates.

Key reasons to use direct marketing

Target your audience – one of the most effective points of direct mail is that with us you can target your local audience, whether as a part or whole suburb.

Tangible – direct mail is absorbed by touch and visual characteristics. This is achieved whilst as the audience is able to touch, potential open and experience the message.

Stand out from the crowd – our behaviour leads us to check our letterboxes on a regular occurrence and seeing bright colours or opening an envelope grabs our attention.

Letterbox distribution

Our flyer distribution rates are broken down into multiple categories to reflect the size, weight and volume of the material. The price to deliver starts from $175 Ex-GST per 1,000 households.

Our deliveries are completed to a variety of Coastal and Northern suburbs that lie within the City of Joondalup, City of Stirling and Town of Vincent boundaries.

For full details, please contact us today.

Why Choose Us?

Reliability: your interests are aligned with ours, since we know the importance of low volume distribution and word of mouth referrals.

Flexibility: with us it’s not everything or nothing. You can choose your suburbs, and we will consider areas outside our current distribution area. Plus, we can target a radius within a suburb.

Exposure: we only distribute a maximum of 2 flyers, with no industry rival. The vast majority of time, if there is even a 2nd flyer - it will only be to promote one of our own businesses.  

Stand out from the crowd: with our ultra low distribution to ensure maximum exposure to the message that you wish to spread.

Value for money: as a bespoke low volume distributor, we are competitive on price and offer great value for money.